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On the Spot
Apr 14th, 2014 by milai123

It is rare but it happens, “hired on the spot”!  That day I made sure I arrived at the site early.  I had already put the address into my GPS a week prior when I was invited to the grand opening to the site.  A friend told me that it was opening.   She thought they would need someone like me to work in one of the offices.

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I arrived early and sat in the lobby for roughly 10 minutes.  When the owner arrived she said hello and told me she’d back in a few minutes to start the interview.  She returned in 10 minutes and welcomed me into her office.  The largest of all 6 on the floor with the main operation spaces on opposite side of the building.  As I entered I said:  Where are we sitting?  She had a table with four chairs and her desk with a chair to the side.  We sat at the table four chairs.

She began by asking me why I chose to go into the field?  Where I attended school and where I was currently working.  After answering those questions she wanted to know how I would handle specific cases and if I was flexible with my work, if needed.   I responded by telling her that instinctual energy may alter my work and I prefer to work with clients who need results.   Making a difference is what matters in this line of work while also allowing a client to feel comfortable.  She told me we would have an x-ray machine for me to view bone structure and joint articulations.  This,  I explained would be essential to my determining the treatment needed to help client reverse condition, if needed.

I was then given a tour of the facility.  I met a few of the other workers and we went to the space that I would work in.  I noticed a few things I would add to the room to make my work complete, then prepared to demonstrate my art.  I changed my clothes for comfort and started my demonstration.   I demonstrated light, heavy, motion and pressure point.   I know I introduced a few things that are truly unique to me as we all have individual styles.   My demonstration lasted about 30 minutes.   I left the room and allowed her to gather her thoughts.  We went back into her office and she said:  I have never done this before but “You are hired on the spot”.

I accepted the offer and said I would be in touch.  Local licenses have to be filed and I have to take a test for the State.   Yes, I felt good knowing my skills, person and character were received and that I would be an asset to the company.

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